By David Schissler – Our friends at BEWI Productions produce two of the finest ski & snowboard shows in the country in two of my favorite cities, Boston and Denver.

Why go to the ski show? You’ll find the latest equipment and clothing, deals on last year’s gear, free or deeply discounted lift deals, free gift cards, and the latest news and developments at resorts near you. Tickets are generally around $15 with discounted coupons readily available in your local paper. The perks inside will easily pay for the cost of entry.


Perhaps the single best reason to go to a show is to get charged up! For an hour or two, or a day or two if you’re like me, you can immerse yourself in all things skiing. As fun as summer may have been, the ski show re-sets the mind for winter and looks to the fun ahead.

Check out this action and whet your appetite for carving, shredding, and floating, whichever works for you. The clip below is from the last year’s Ski & Snowboard Expo. See you there!