The White Book of Ski Areas has electronically selected a winner of the 2, Two-Day Lift Tickets to Skier’s Paradise contest. The winner receives tickets from his choice of one of 500 ski areas in North America. The winner is Chris Bradner, a naval architect from Herndon, VA. Chris is 46, married, has an 11-year old son and a 7-year-old daughter. All of the Bradner’s ski.

Chris has been skiing for about 40 years. His days on the snow have dropped from around 30 to perhaps 10 these days given family responsibilities but Chris is a seasoned skier. When I asked where he wanted to ski, without hesitation he said, “Jay Peak”. With approximately 500 ski areas to choose from I asked him why Jay? He said great snow and plenty for the family to do. Chris added that if he were to choose another destination it would have to be Jackson Hole.

I asked Chris how he heard about the contest and if he was familiar with the White Book prior to entering. He said: “I’m very familiar with the White Book. I wanted to show it to my son so we got online and I found your site and the contest.” He went on to say, “When I was just ten I dreamed about being in the mountains, about skiing places like Jackson Hole. The White Book made it come alive and inspired me to visit the mountains. I love the work you guys do.”

Congrats Chris! Enjoy the tickets and carve a few turns for us.