By David Schissler – Ski resorts continue to look for new winter activities to attract new customers and increase visits. The last few seasons have seen the spread of zip lines and mountain coasters. Loup Loup Ski Bowl in Washington is among the first to introduce Luge Sledding. Recent approval by the Okanogan-Wenatchee Forest Service has cleared the way for luge sledding on Bear Mountain. The trails on Bear Mountain are separate from Loup Loup’s alpine ski runs. This is not a sliding hill. No plastic saucers, plastic sleds & other snow toys are allowed.

Understand this is not the luge you see in the Olympics, which is on refrigerated tracks with banked turns. This luge sledding takes place on non-banked, groomed trails. Luge sledding has long been popular in Europe and now Loup Loup is the first to introduce the activity to the US Northwest. Snow cat service will be provided to sledders from the Loup Loup parking lot and take riders up a vertical rise of over 1200 feet and over 5k. Sledders have access to more than 12k of groomed trails.

Sleds are available to rent at the Loup Loup ticket window. The mountain will also periodically provide instructional “how to” and safety clinics. Luge Sledding will be open on Bear Mountain on weekends and during holiday weeks.

Here are a few reasons to give luge sledding a shot:

  • Luge Sledding is family-oriented
  • Both single and double luge sleds are steerable
  • It’s easy to Learn, challenging to master, and exciting riding
  • Connects you to the natural environment on groomed trails all can enjoy
  • Safety First: Only Luge Sleds will be allowed

For questions or additional information, please visit Loup Loup’s webpage at