Ever wonder how many lifts there are in the US? How many gondolas? How many trams? Which are the longest? Which are the highest? How many ski areas are there in n the US? How many in each state? Who owns what resorts?

Here are some fun facts about lifts and resorts. These are the most current numbers according to lift aficionado Peter Landsman, publisher of Liftblog.com


Type and Number of Ski Lifts in North America


Gondolas                    112

Funitel                            1

Aerial tramways            28

High-speed six              74

High-speed quads       435

High-speed triples            2

Fixed-grip six                    1

Fixed-grip quads           535

Fixed-grip triples           642

Fixed-grip doubles        827

Fixed-grip singles             3

T-Bars                           267

J-Bars                             21

Platters                          128 

Number of lifts:           3,076

  • There are 63 chairlifts in North America that stretch longer than 7,000 feet but only four over 10,000′.
  • Six of the top ten are in the State of Colorado and all but two are detachable quads.
  • Sun Peaks Resort near Kamloops, BC claims the title of the longest fixed-grip chairlift in the world and the only non-detachable among North America’s hundred longest lifts.
  • A ride on the Burfield Quad takes a painful 21 minutes to go 9,510 feet (and that’s at full speed.)  Below are the top ten longest chairlifts in the US and Canada.


These are the Ten Longest Chairlifts in North America



Slide Brook Express, Sugarbush, VT – 11,012 feet, 1995 Doppelmayr Detachable Quad







Chile Express, Angel Fire Resort, NM – 10,992 feet, 1996 Poma Detachable Quad









Sunshine Express, Telluride, CO – 10,732 feet, 1986 Doppelmayr Detachable Quad









Village Express, Snowmass, CO – 10,074 feet, 2005 Leitner-Poma Detachable Six








American Flyer, Copper Mountain, CO – 9,907 feet, 1986 Poma Detachable Quad









Lodge, The Yellowstone Club, MT – 9,847 feet, 1998 Doppelmayr Detachable Quad









Two Creeks, Snowmass, CO – 9,835 feet, 1995 Poma Detachable Quad








Summit Express, Buttermilk, CO – 9,581 feet, 1993 Poma Detachable Quad









Burfield Quad, Sun Peaks, BC – 9,510 feet, 1997 Doppelmayr Fixed-grip Quad









Summit Express, Keystone, CO – 9,403 feet, 1997 Doppelmayr Detachable Quad

The longest triple chair is the Cyclone at Sunrise Park Resort, AZ – 7,982 feet

The longest double chair is Primo at Sunlight Mountain Resort, CO – 7,260 feet

Source and photos: The liftblog.com




North America’s Highest Chairlifts

Imperial Express Super Chair, Peak 8 at Breckenridge, CO – summit elevation: 12,840 feet. It’s the highest ski resort high-speed quad chairlift in the world.

Chair 9, Loveland, CO summit elevation: 12,700 feet

Lenawee and Zuma lifts, Arapahoe Basin, CO – summit elevation: 12,472 feet

Panoramic Express, Winter Park, CO– summit elevation: 12,060 feet

Source: Claudia Carbone, SkiSnowboard.com









Number of Ski Areas in Each State

Alabama                         1                                                                

Alaska                            9

Arizona                           4

California                      29

Colorado                       30

Connecticut                     5

Idaho                             17                                                                    

Iowa                                4

Illinois                              6

Indiana                             2

Maine                             18

Maryland                          1

Massachusetts                13

Michigan                          44                                                                 

Minnesota                        18

Missouri                             2

Montana                           15

Nevada                              4

New Hampshire               26

New Jersey                        2

New Mexico                       8

New York                          51

North Carolina                    6

North Dakota                      3

Ohio                                   6

Oregon                             11

Pennsylvania                   27

Rhode Island                     1

South Dakota                    3

Tennessee                         1

Utah                                 14

Vermont                           24                                                                  

Virginia                               5

Washington                      14

West Virginia                      5

Wisconsin                         31

Wyoming                           10

Total:                                470

Source: National Ski Areas Association














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