New England is well known for its changeable weather. After the latest big dump, we decided to head to Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH. It started out mostly sunny when we left Cape Cod and passed through Boston. When we reached Plymouth, NH it started snowing. Between there and Lincoln we were in a near white out. Shortly after getting on the chair the sun came out and remained for much of the afternoon, brightening our spirits as well as the skies.

Check out the brief video tour below of a near perfect day at Loon. It was packed powder just about everywhere we went. It’s amazing to see what nearly 2 feet of snow does for your skiing. It’s what is sometimes referred to as “hero snow” meaning we all look like ski heros when the snow is this good. There’s nothing like the silence of your edges as you slice through butter.

Pic’s Pick:  It was recently pointed out to me that one piece of info readers find useful is where to eat. They may know the mountain a little but dining can be a crap shoot. When you’re at Loon, the off-mountain place to eat is just down the road in Woodstock, NH at the Woodstock Inn. As you’re leaving Lincoln, drive under I-93 and go straight for a 1/4 mile or so. Take a right at the stop sign and the Woodstock Inn is just up the road on the left. Once there, you’ll find a rambling New England Inn with a raucous pub in the back (also the place to park). The menu is extensive. Everyone will find something they like. The quality and cost are equally impressive.





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