By Mike Roth

(April 2015)  On Friday March 27th we took a trip to Killington for a ski day. The prospect for good conditions was up in the air since it had rained all day in the Capital District the day before and into the night.

I have always been a proponent of when it rains in the Albany area there is a good chance of it having snowed at Killington, assuming the storm was reaching that high into Vermont. In the past I have seen rain here and a foot of snow at Killington. It may be 45 degrees here but 30 degrees in Killington. Remember the elevation difference is almost 3600 feet to the top of the mountain as compared to Albany at 600 feet above sea level. The fact is when we got to Killington there was fresh snow on the roads which meant that there was some snow from the night before.

Conditions change daily based on so many variables, temperature, sun, grooming, and traffic on the mountain changes things quickly, especially on a busy weekend. However, Friday was not too busy and we found little stashes of fresh snow all over the mountain. Conditions were consistently good all day long due to the fact that the place is so big and people ski all over the vast number of trails available. The temperature was just right hovering in the high 20’s to low 30s. Surfaces started to get spring like near the base but up on the mountain it was packed powder everywhere and still winter. There is plenty of snow on the mountain to keep them open well into May.

Killington labels itself the Beast of the East and rightly so. It is the highest and biggest ski area in the Eastern US. It would take all week to cover every trail on the mountain; personally there is no need to do that because once I have found a trail or two that is to my liking I tend to stick to them. There are trails on every mountain that are not the most popular to skiers, well maybe I should say people stick to the popular trails but you can find some great conditions on many of the side trails that come off the more popular trails. A couple examples are off the Snowden Chair, Northstar or Frolic to Vagabond are less used than Bunny Buster. On the Skyepeak chair Dream Maker used to be the one that was out of the way but not since they made it into a terrain feature trail. I can remember a day on Dream Maker that my ski buddy Dick Butler (may he rest in peace) and I skied all day in the snow guns with literally no-one else on the trail. What a day!

You can expect Killington to be open for the next 6 -8 weeks at least and there is plenty of snow that should stay well into spring. There is more than 20 feet on snow built up on Superstar. If you really like spring skiing, now is the time to take advantage of Killington’s party scene which is great, but so is the skiing and riding. Get your NOR’BEASTER Spring Season Pass for unlimited access to the slopes starting March 14, 2015 through the very last day of the season, which with any luck could be into June! You can purchase this pass as of March 1, 2015 for $199. For more information visit

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