By David Schissler

(April 2014) I’ve been an advocate of continuing to ski after joint replacement procedures since 2002. That’s when my first new hip was “installed”.

The first day on snow with the new hardware was a little disconcerting. What if I can’t turn or edge like I used to? God forbid, what if I fall? One run down the hill and it all began to wash away. I had made it down and enjoyed it. Confidence grew with each run and by the end of the day I knew my skiing was just fine. Of course there are concessions, like staying out of the bumps whenever possible. But, I’m pleased to tell anyone with such concerns, not to worry. Go skiing. The more you do, the sooner your apprehension will go away.

I’m bringing this up because an acquaintance of mine, Gerry Pallor, is a fellow member of the North American Snowsports Journalists Association. His specialty is sports and entertainment video. Gerry was skiing with us at a recent media meeting at Pico, VT. While at the Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports’ Andrea Mead Lawrence Lodge, he created a video piece about post cardiac skiers and skiers who’ve had joint replacements, yet continue to ski. If you know any skiers who’ve had heart work or joint work done, send this link to them. They should see for themselves how well these people ski, the enthusiasm they bring to the hill and the fun they have, long after their medical procedures. To see Gerry’s work, visit:

By the way, the guys at the end of the video are my Dad, George and I giving Gerry an ear full. At the end of March, my Dad, my son and I all skied Killington and Pico together. Having three generations on the hill together was special for us.

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