By Dave Mongillo

(February 2014) Like a Phoenix rising out of the ash, Powder Ridge has exploded back to life after an eight year sleep and is once again in full operation. They have lifts running, skiers and boarders sliding and all trails open with a mixture of natural and machine made snow. It’s been a hard battle and tough climb, but with grit and hard work, General Manager, Sean Hayes and his crew have the grand old gal living again.

I skied at the Ridge last week and found a professional and friendly staff ready to help at every opportunity. After solving the problems of too little snow in December, they were working to overcome the almost too much snow in February. Ski Instructors were shoveling walkways, lift operators were chopping ice off of seats and the boss was driving a groomer. Everyone seemed to be doing whatever it took to make skiers and boarders happy, and doing it all with a greeting and a smile.

There are still some bumps in the road, but rebuilding a resort which has been closed for several seasons could be tougher than starting with empty ground. When you rip something apart to repair it, you often find additional problems, and that’s what slowed down the reopening of the Ridge in December. They found problems with the snowmaking system, the plumbing and the lifts that were not anticipated.
They are chugging along, like the little engine that could, and things are getting better every day they charge ahead. All of the lifts are ready to go, and now that it has snowed, all trails are skiable. Yes, they still need to complete the base lodge and restaurant, but that will come before season’s end.
Connecticut once again has five ski resorts in full operation.

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