twbpowderhornBy David Schissler
(December 2012) When Powderhorn Mountain Resort opens December 15th visitors will find three new trails: Sven’s Bend, Thunderbird Glade and Bronco. The resort has also added and improved features to a new beginner terrain park called the EZ Park.
The new gladed trails may not be new to adventurous riders who have accessed the terrain in the past, but now everyone can enjoy this unique experience. Sven’s Bend is a natural glade that lies between Upper Maverick and Tenderfoot consisting of 52 acres of aspen, fir, and boulder fields. Thunderbird Glade is an additional natural glade area that lies to the west of Snowcloud on the upper end and east of Hooker on the lower end. The upper end is a mixture of aspen, fir and boulder fields with the lower end consisting mainly of Sudden Aspen Decline (a fungal disease) infected aspen trees. Bronco continues the western theme of the majority of the resort’s trail names but is also the nickname of their former Ski Patrol Director Bill Bruchak, who retired at the end of last season. Bruchak is being inducted into the Grand Mesa Ski Hall of Fame this year and the naming of this run is a tribute to his 30-plus years at Powderhorn.

“We’ve concentrated our efforts on enhancements that will resonate with our guests,” said Sam Williams, Mountain Operations Manager at the resort. “We have no doubt the new glades will offer a memorable winter adventure opportunity, thanks to the hard work of our crews.”

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