By Ann Schissler

(February 2013) I was so impressed with my recent ski clinic experience and the immediate improvement to my skiing that I felt other women may want to try it for themselves. So, I began doing some research on the subject and was amazed at the number and variety of women’s programs being held throughout the country. From destination resorts to local favorites, women everywhere can find a program to suit their needs.

There are clinics for skiers from beginner to expert. There are clinics for snowboarders, backcountry, off piste and heli skiers. There are clinics that focus on having the proper equipment, mastering difficult terrain, steep and deep, and more. Some even include après ski activities involving luxury spa treatments and world-class shopping!!

As varied as these clinics are, one trait they all share is they are all designed for women and are coached by women. The general consensus is that men and women approach the sport of skiing differently. These programs focus on intense, personalized instruction that build skill and confidence to help women master their skiing and riding abilities both mentally and physically.

In addition, as you improve your technique and skill level, you’ll also be making new female friends and best of all, having fun. And after all, isn’t that the point? Because if it isn’t fun, why do it? So, to steal a line from Nike, “just do it”. Check out what is available for women’s clinics near you or visit: , for a comprehensive list.

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